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more pics of the cute kid...

Posted by Tim 31 October 2006

here are some more pics from the hospital. we got to bring yvonne and josiah home today! be thinking about the mama because she is hurtin' pretty good from the scar.

here is landon when i was taking him around the other day. i can't remember if it has anything to do with the baby or not (trip to the hospital, etc.)... but it too cute not to share with you...

Here is Landon entering the hospital room for the first time...

Landon petting Josiah...

man that is one cute kid...

sacked out hard...

Landon kissing Josiah...

you lookin' at me?

a pic of the 5 of us before leaving...

here is me, josiah and my buddy, Refat, who took us to the hospital and picked us up... he is a taxi driver and one of my really good friends here.

ready for the trip home...

here is the picture that takes the cake... smiley boy!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! He is adorable. Glad everyone is doing well. Will def be thinking of Yvonne as she recovers - had 3 C-sections so completely understand. Will also be thinking of your fam as you adjust to life as a 4-some. Congrats!

  2. rl Says:
  3. What can I say, but you all have a beautiful baby. I can't wait to hold him!!! Aunt Rachel is coming Landon and little Joe.

  4. Bryan Says:
  5. Congrats guys -

    we love Josiah's name :)

    thanks for posting the pics.

  6. He's BEAUTIFUL!!!

  7. Emily Says:
  8. Baby Josiah is SO beautiful, and I'm pretty sure Landon still makes the top of the "cutest kids in the world" list. Congrats!!

  9. Anonymous Says:
  10. congrats bro! josiah is real cute dude... i know yall are thankful... what does landon think? he seems excited!

    hey big news for us... we're moving to graham, tx soon... as in end of next week...

    also, we found out today that our baby due in march is going to be a boy.



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