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We left the US to live in the Middle East in 2005 with one child and 10 suitcases. We've been here for over 5 years now and we have three children, each born on a different continent!
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The Camel

Easter Egg Hunt

Posted by Tim 05 April 2009 1 comments

Today we went to a huge "Easter Egg Drop." It was called a "drop" because not only were football fields simply littered with eggs, they were also dropping boxes and boxes full of eggs from a hot air balloon above the field.

I had figured that they would be launching the balloon directly next to the field and somehow tethering it. We went on a hot-air balloon ride in Sedona, AZ duing a vacation for our first anniversary and I knew that those balloons are completely unpredictable and are at the mercy of the winds. So as we had figured, the balloon was tethered to a 4-wheel tractor (gator) and pulled into position to drop the eggs above the first field. They had a little issue getting the balloon to stay at the right tension on the rope. They didn't want it to be pulling too hard but they also didn't want it to be coming down onto the filed... which it did once (see video below). There were going to do a total of 4 fields I think... what do I mean by "were"?
Well... first a rope that a guy was haning on to got tangled in the stadium lights of the soccer field so he had to let or get carried away... then the tractor was pulling the balloon away from the field when the tethering rope snapped and off went the balloon. All the other fields had to live with no "drop". It was pretty funny :) Enjoy the video of the kids hunting eggs and the balloon smacking down on the field and on top of a bunch of eggs.

Video #1: The balloon having altitude issues and smacking down on the eggs

Video #2: The kids gathering eggs

Video #3: Bye Bye Balloon

Just the 5 of us!

Posted by Tim 01 April 2009 2 comments

Here is the most recent family photo.

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We've had a lot of fun in the States so far....bubble baths. wagons, and just being together.

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watch me grow!

Posted by Tim 2 comments

Love those polka dots!

Cute as a button!

Pretty as a picture.

Melts Mommy's heart!

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Enjoying family

Posted by Tim 0 comments

Landon and Josiah are having so much fun with all their cousins...

and meeting some for the first time.

watching some football together

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After we came back, it was almost time for Christmas, and Kenzy's first one! Look at those handsome boys!

Landon (4)
Josiah (2)
Kenzy (1 month)

No one could complain about getting this little chunk in her stocking. (2 mos.)

Looking so pretty in her Christmas dress. (1 mo.)

Pretty in pink. (2 mos.)

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