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We left the US to live in the Middle East in 2005 with one child and 10 suitcases. We've been here for over 5 years now and we have three children, each born on a different continent!
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The Camel

more pics of the cute kid...

Posted by Tim 31 October 2006 6 comments

here are some more pics from the hospital. we got to bring yvonne and josiah home today! be thinking about the mama because she is hurtin' pretty good from the scar.

here is landon when i was taking him around the other day. i can't remember if it has anything to do with the baby or not (trip to the hospital, etc.)... but it too cute not to share with you...

Here is Landon entering the hospital room for the first time...

Landon petting Josiah...

man that is one cute kid...

sacked out hard...

Landon kissing Josiah...

you lookin' at me?

a pic of the 5 of us before leaving...

here is me, josiah and my buddy, Refat, who took us to the hospital and picked us up... he is a taxi driver and one of my really good friends here.

ready for the trip home...

here is the picture that takes the cake... smiley boy!

Josiah has arrived...

Posted by Tim 29 October 2006 10 comments

This morning we headed to the hospital at 7:15 am to get the show on the road.

Here I am getting ready to go into the O.R. for the surgery.

This is about 20 minutes after he was delivered... only semi-clean at this point.

Here is the boy's first "clean" photo" after he was taken to the nursery.

Me and my boy!

Some friends of ours got Landon and brought him over to the hopsital to see his new baby brother "Joe". Here is he is patting the baby... gently of course. :)

Here is Nana Rachel with Josiah!

Here is the 3 of us before Landon arrived.

can you tell me what this says...

Posted by Tim 26 October 2006 1 comments

we're figuring this McDonald's playland sign out but need help... what's this say?

we found him...

Posted by Tim 0 comments

hey y'all... do you ever wonder what happened to herbie? is he in some movie museum? was he bought and being driven around in america... well we found him!

he's here in the middle east!

a little late... the water boy.

Posted by Tim 22 October 2006 0 comments

here are a couple of cute shots of landon playing in the sink...

landon turned 2 back on september 8th... so i'm a month and a half late... back off!

he was really cute all day long. we had a big party for him with lots of american friends and just a few nationals.

here is Landon's birthday cake...

here he is covered in chocolate...

here is getting a gift that he loved... his tool set...

cute kid eh?

a little late... the vacation.

Posted by Tim 20 October 2006 0 comments

i'm going to be posting a few "a little late..." blog posts. these are posts that i meant to post a while back but we've been pretty busy.

here is our first one. we took a trip about 1.5 hours away from town and enjoyed a few days on the sea. twas nice. we stayed at a ramada inn and it was very very nice. we had a sweet suite. they don't have any rooms that don't have at least 2 rooms, a kitchen, 2 bathrooms and a nice big family room. our patio also opened up onto the pool area and it was great.

Here is the view from our patio. You can see beautiful flowers out by the pool.

Our room was just on down this path on the right. The path to the left of us would lead us down to the beach. The first two nights we actually ate dinner down on the beach. The hotel cost actually includes two meals (breakfast and dinner). This is because this resort area doesn't exactly have a town where you can just walk around in and find restaurants. Pretty much everything that you do in this area is centered around what your hotel has to offer.

Landon woke up early one day from his nap and was super cranky. After hanging out with us a few minutes on our bed he passed out again. he was so close the edge of the bed and we were worried about him falling on the tile... but we were worried that if we tried to move him toards the center of the bed he would wake up... catch 22... so i put about 5 pillows and a blanket over all of them to give him some padding in case he fell. he didn't fall and woke up happy. yay :)

Here are some good pool shots...

Landon and I near the stairs.

Landon and Yvonne having a great time together in the pool.

Landon had a great time building up his confidence and jumping pretty far and into the water with me. One time he jumped when we weren't ready... but it was in the kiddy pool side and I was right near him :)

Landon and mommy enjoying the drink of the day, the sunshine (lemon juice, 7up and cherry juice).

Landon just being his cuite self in the pool...

We thought this was interesting. Practically every piece of furniture had a sticker on it pointing towards mecca to make it easy for the muslim patrons to know which direction to pray towards.

lando update

Posted by Tim 0 comments

little lando calrissian is doing fine. he still has some scratches and around his lip is still pretty raw. in a few days we're going to go down and beat the snot out of the dirt and make us feel better. oh yeah.

my ankle is doing pretty well too... there is some bruising and it is still pretty tender when it is turned in certain directions. i sat on my rump for two days with my foot elevated. well because i sat down for a very long time my back is hurting a lot now. you guys can be thinking about these issues for me.

my little bar brawler

Posted by Tim 15 October 2006 5 comments

i took landon out last night. mama needed a nap so we decided to hit the streets and run some errands. on the way back, right outside our building, i rolled my ankle. poor landon was up on my shoulders and when i went down, he went down... hard. luckily he didn't just go straight down and land on his head. i actually saw him take his fall and it was like he slid into 3rd base on his face. my heart breaks everytime i see his face... i feel like i won the worst dad of the year award. sorry buddy.

poor guy looks like he got in a bar brawl...

the dust...

Posted by Tim 09 October 2006 3 comments

the dust here is crazy man!

It is a very good idea to sweep/mop 3 times a week to get rid of it. The balconies often are neglected by us and are covered by dust. We have a screen on our balcony doors and Landon was out there with me the other day. He pressed his face against it and you can actually see the grid of the screen. It was too funny...

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