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The Camel

Pool time at LeeAnna's house...

Posted by Tim 29 May 2007 1 comments

We went over to LeeAnna's house today to some swimmin'.
'twas fun and we got some great pics while we were there... here ya go.

new toy...

Posted by Tim 1 comments

what's happenin' y'all?
my friend sawyer gave me this exer-saucer and i like it a lot!
thanks bro!

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landon told me that he wanted to go out and get his mama some flowers. so we went out and i had him pick 'em out, pay for 'em and we brought 'em home to mama. she loved 'em lots.

i want these!

you wanting this money here or you want me to give you 5?

here ya go!

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don't need to say anything...

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what would we do without well deserved bouts of laughter. after persuing a grasp on this crazy language called Arabic for so long, it is really nice to see them jack up english so good... i mean... so well. haha.

here is a super nice gift bag that we recently received.

haha... enjoy the caption.

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where's my hat?

Posted by Tim 13 May 2007 1 comments

a friend of ours left his hat here. he didn't call us to see if we had it for several days. once he did we decided to have a little fun and tell him that we hadn't seen it.

then i put a white sheet over my head and put the hat on. i did this so that i could import the pictures into photoshop and delete my face easily.

unfortunately my head was tilted down some so it didn't meet my perfectionist standards. they could have looked so much better and not all squished like. just a few hours ago i wanted to re-do it all but i had already sent him the photos and given him his hat back. oh well.

so after i did my photoshop work i placed the hat on other photos and emailed it to him saying, "hey maybe one of these suspicious characters knows where your hat is."

two new toofies

Posted by Tim 0 comments

Josiah has two new teeth... it's cute and stuff.
you might have to click on the photos to make them bigger to see the two new additions.

phone pics...

Posted by Tim 06 May 2007 1 comments

Here are two guys riding in a bulldozer bucket... at about 20 miles an hour down the street... just chillin'

Buy 2 7up bottles and get a free... can of tuna. Because hey... when I drink 7up i often think of how good tuna would go with it.

Just in case several people want to report the fire... there's four to choose from.

the "special oiympics"... more like the special ed oiymics.

we came up on this big ol' pile of freshy cut grass... we don't have much grass here so we haven't enjoyed this smell since we left home... it smelled like america.

buy 5 kilos of oxi detergent and get a bottle of cooking oil for free... okay.

Ford... horse motors

a miracle for me today...

Posted by Tim 02 May 2007 2 comments

it was about 9:15 this morning... which is the time i am supposed to get landon to daycare... and i was getting into the elevator to do just that. i hit the ground floor button in the elevator and grabbed my cell phone to see what time it was...

now wait... pause my story and let me explain something about the elevators here. they are about a quarter of the size of an american elevator (if that big) and they don't all necessarily have doors. you get in, optionally close the doors, if there are any, and hit the button to the choose the floor... at that point the elevator proceeds to move and the wall which would be on the other side of the doors in the USA elevators is right in front of your face and you get to watch it go on by.

okay so back to my story... so like i said, i was grabbing my cell phone and as the phone was exiting my pocket it slipped out of my hands. it hit the ground near the wall, bounced and i froze in terror... and then the worst possible thing happened... it slipped through the one inch gap between the elevator and the moving wall. now we live on the 6th floor and i had only just passed the 5th floor... and my phone proceeded to plummet 5 floors probably bouncing off the crusty cement walls along the way to what i imagined to be it's dirty and dusty demise (because the shaft bottom is full of dirt, rocks, used car tires and other misc. trash).

i didn't have time to start looking for it in the elevator shaft right away because landon... remember landon and his daycare that has already started? ... well as you well know, he was late for daycare. so i got him to daycare and the whole way there and back i was imagining my cell phone in all its glorious splendor in what i figured was about 30+ glorious parts.

well once i got back i got my building manager to help me jerry rig the door (this is a door that stays put on each floor to keep people from falling in the shaft) to open while the elevator wasn't there. so once he did he jumped on down into the murky depths below and after a minute handed me a dusty but completely intact and functional cell phone! it had been cushioned by the ample amounts of trash.

i was astounded and continued to thank him for helping me and more importantly thanking the Lord for my cell phone surviving its astronomical fall.

this story kinda reminded me of those people you hear about that went skydiving and whose parachutes didn't open... they fall all the way to the bottom, hit the earth, bounce something like 50 feet in the air and then live to tell the tale! it's exactly like that... except that my cell phone was only like 6 months old and those people are usually in their 20-30s.

the end.

We were going to a friend's house tonight for dinner and i was needing to make change for a 50 (about 8 dollars) before we left. I saw a taxi coming our way so i stopped him and asked if he could break the 50 if we rode with him... he told me not to worry and we would break it once we got there...

well as we drove away we hit some traffic... it was moving steadily but not too fast. he started honking his horn at the other taxi drivers and yelling at them across me "change for a 50?!?" to which most of them said that they didn't. well after a few minutes, while we were driving over a bridge that goes over the metro (above ground "subway") one of the taxi drivers said he did so as we were driving we got closer and closer to him as he was driving and counting his money out... after about 30 seconds i reached out... still driving at a steady pace... and swapped a 50 for the two 20's and 5's.

why this still surprises me... i'm not sure.

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