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The Camel

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Some fun pics...

Posted by Tim 26 June 2006 1 comments

If you look carefully... on the edge of the window on the driver's side door you will see a white panel and there is an "in-n-out burger" sticker... but there are no in-n-out burger restaurants here. we always see stickers on cars that make no sense like that... like once we saw a giant red lobster sticker on somebody's rear window. another time we saw a giant piggly wiggly sticker in the back window. whatever :)

not baby on board... but a tiny person on board! i love that.

this taxi driver's door broke on my side after i got in so i had to dukes of hazard my way out of it.

Landon fell and chipped his tooth (really small chip... barely notciable) and he was crying up a storm so i bought him a little cup of ice cream to sooth the pain and make him happy. he gave up on the little spoon and started shoveling it out with his hand... cute.

He loves to jump off of things into my arms!

Here we are at Johnny Carinos Country Italian restaurant which is on a boat. Lots o' fun. We loved this retaurant in texas so we love it here too.

so here is the long... and i do mean long... awaited answer to The "more often than not bi-weekly or even longer" Weekly Culture Quiz

we were surprised to see the groom and his dad dancing with...

a gun!

a gun!

i fooled the most of y'all. most everyone voted for a pig! i threw that one in there because i was sure it would throw y'all off and i was right! whoohoo! chalk another one up for me! That puts the total at 4 points for y'all and 4 points for me. i love to win! i got a fever... and the only prescription is to whoop some blog reader bootie! you might not see the new question up right away because i got a think up a good one!

here are some pics for your viewing pleasure. at some points they would join hands and swing that pistol around... and later i saw a kid dancing with it... sure hope it wasn't loaded.

by the way... they never fired it like we were told was done in the past because too many people died from stray bullets.

just when you wanted refreshment...

Posted by Tim 21 June 2006 0 comments

so we were at a friends house and i had some errands to run. i had to go the bank, and then to my DSL company to pay 3 months of service and then to the medical lab to pickup some results for Landon (we think he is clean of amoeba right now! PTL!!! We need to have him checked 3x total to be sure) and then i went home. I walked all of that (about 2.25 miles) and it was stinkin' HOT today. so i got home and a cold shower was sounding mighty nice and refreshing... the only thing was both faucets during the day spring forth hot water! i don't know if our pipes in america are buried deeper or what but here the "cold" water is flippin' steamy during the heat of the day. so much for refreshment. :(

machine cut...

Posted by Tim 19 June 2006 1 comments

so we were eatin' from a pack of potato chips and i looked at the back of the bag and started crackin' up. there was this picture of a computer wielding a knife! have a look...

my buddy explained that it was saying that the chips were machine cut by technology.

haha... funny how they decided to depict it with pictures.

wallad tayni

Posted by Tim 12 June 2006 1 comments

well... continuing in the fine semmens tradition... we have evaded having a girl again. we are happy no matter what God blesses us with and we were hoping for a girl but God has blessed us with another son on the way...

Meet... Josiah Paul Semmens

Josiah was a king from a long time ago who had the Book read again after it had been lost for a long time (see 2 Kings 21) and Paul is the name of a really good friend of ours from Texas who passed away in December. He is one of the finest men we have ever known and I aspire to be a man of his caliber some day. We bless our child with his name in his honor. oh yeah... The other Paul was a pretty good guy too!

unfortunately we don't have any sonos of the boy stuff to prove it but i saw it and the doctor confirmed so you betta believe it.

This picture is of Josiah sucking his thumb. this leads us to believe that this baby will actually take a pacifier. Landon didn't ever suck his thumb or take a pacifier... he just screamed... constantly. :)

The doc says he has a good strong heartbeat.

oh yeah... wallad tayni (the title of this blog post) is arabic for "a boy again"

bebee line tutch

Posted by Tim 11 June 2006 1 comments

so we took landon to the zoo last monday and it was a stinkin' hoot. we got there and all i had money-wise was 50 pound bills (about $8.50)... well to get in was a 1/4 pound per person, landon was free and to take in a camera was a 1/4 pound as well. well they couldn't break a 50 for 75 cents of one pound. so the three of us and my camera cost a whoppin' 13 US cents.

we got into the zoo and there were some pelicans ahead. Landon ran to the fence and started squaking. it was so cute!

After that we found some big lions and tigers and such and a guy came up to us and kept saying, "bebee line tutch" to which I told him that I didn't understand. I hadn't heard those arabic words before... and we're getting pretty good with the language. he just kept saying "bebee line tutch" over and over as if it would eventually make sense. it didn't. he then said the word in arabic and that got it for us... he had been speaking "english" the whole time. haha. he was asking us if we wanted to touch a baby lion. we said sure and followed him. i assumed it was like at many zoos in america where they have the special centers were you can touch different things like sting rays and such. well that is a negative in this case. he lead us to the back area where the pens are and through a door that said, "No vistors beyond this point. Employees only!" this seemed pretty status quo for us and so we went in and there was a guy there who spoke fairly good english and told us that we were privy to something that is "big special." he explained that at the circus to take a picture with a baby lion would cost 100 pounds but here it is only 10! mind you that is 1300% more than the cost of the tickets to get in the zoo! i agreed because 10 pounds is all of $1.75 and holding baby lions is pretty cool.

after taking 4 pictures and him telling us it was 10 pounds per picture i gladly gave him 15 pounds told him what he was doing was wrong and went on my way. got some good shots though... enjoy.

even in the zoo... the priority of prayer is always available. admirable i suppose.

they even have an area set aside for when you've done something wrong with your spouse... just kiddin'... they actually have dogs on display and hyenna's and stuff. dogs aren't kept as pets so much here.

yvonne absolutely loves camels and collects little camel figurines (which inhabit the entirety of our china cabinet) so she really like these double humped dudes...

Landon got really fussy when we had to pry him off of the fence outside of the bear cage. He really loved to watch them. He would roar at the lions and the bears. 'twas cute.

because we be white folk we got some special privledges. for example there were a bunch of people near the elephant but when the whities came by we got to feed the elephant... well landon did. landon fed him beets about 4 times. it was fun. wish i had gotten that photo... just have this one right before the feeding began...

And of course now trip to the zoo would be complete without pics of the giraffes for my mama...

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