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wallad tayni

Posted by Tim 12 June 2006

well... continuing in the fine semmens tradition... we have evaded having a girl again. we are happy no matter what God blesses us with and we were hoping for a girl but God has blessed us with another son on the way...

Meet... Josiah Paul Semmens

Josiah was a king from a long time ago who had the Book read again after it had been lost for a long time (see 2 Kings 21) and Paul is the name of a really good friend of ours from Texas who passed away in December. He is one of the finest men we have ever known and I aspire to be a man of his caliber some day. We bless our child with his name in his honor. oh yeah... The other Paul was a pretty good guy too!

unfortunately we don't have any sonos of the boy stuff to prove it but i saw it and the doctor confirmed so you betta believe it.

This picture is of Josiah sucking his thumb. this leads us to believe that this baby will actually take a pacifier. Landon didn't ever suck his thumb or take a pacifier... he just screamed... constantly. :)

The doc says he has a good strong heartbeat.

oh yeah... wallad tayni (the title of this blog post) is arabic for "a boy again"

1 Responses to wallad tayni

  1. jason Says:
  2. hey tim and yvonne and landon

    I am so glad you have this blog. it really helps to maintain that feeling of connection with you and your family and what all is going on with you with you being so far away.

    love the pictures of the zoo and CONGRATS on the bun in the oven.

    Preslee is crawling all over the place and getting into everything.. she can walk if holding a hand and we'll celebrate her 1st birthday a week from Sunday.

    anyway, we're thinking about yall and hope all is well.

    much love from Texas,


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