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The Camel

The Camel
Posted by Tim 23 November 2010

Kenzy's Sweet Giggle

Posted by Tim 13 November 2010 0 comments

Kenzy was really cute tonight playing pee-a-boo with her Daddy under the photo studio. Her giggle cracks us up. Enjoy!

Landon is 6!

Posted by Tim 08 September 2010 1 comments

I can't believe my baby is 6! He's so big now.

Landon had a pirate party, and he has been so excited about it. Nana sent all this great pirate party stuff, costumes, and giant pirate coloring books for the boys. Mommy made a pirate ship cake with Pirate Larry at the wheel, and we had the makings of a great party. Then, today (his actual birthday) Daddy made him French Toast for breakfast, he got to watch as many movies as he wanted, we went to the pool at his request, he got his presents from us, and we had a steak dinner (which they all loved minus the green beans :))

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Landon lost his first big tooth!

Posted by Tim 09 August 2010 0 comments

Landon lost his first tooth tonight... it was so loose and he refused to rip it out like he did his two bottom teeth so I tied it to the front door and had him close it! Great job Landon!

So Landon Thinks He Can Dance!

Posted by Tim 23 June 2010 0 comments

We like to watch So You Think You Can Dance. The other day Yvonne was at a doctor's appointment and I had all 3 kids in the car with me. To fight the bordom I put on some old school Michael Jackson and told Landon to boogie down. Check out his moves...

The upside-down wheels on the bus

Posted by Tim 24 May 2010 0 comments

I went in to kiss my boys goodnight and they were singing, "the wheels on the bus" when I came in. I looked up to Landon's top bunk and there he was... upside-down but still doing the hand motions as best he could. Hilarious.

Princess Peek-a-Boo

Posted by Tim 18 April 2010 0 comments

Here is a really cute clip of Kenzy playing peek-a-boo in her princess outfit. Enjoy!

Landon's Job Shadow Day

Posted by Tim 28 March 2010 1 comments

outside the vet clinic

riding on the truck to go check out a new-born camel... only 18 hours old.

mama camel

mama and her baby

drinking fresh camel milk... not half bad. pasteurization smasteurization.

Landon didn't enjoy it quite as much.

baby camels are up and walking within 3 hours! on those lanky legs.

checking out an x-ray of a cat

red blood cells under the microscope

talking about drugs for camels and goats.

just plain cute.

listening to a kid's heartbeat (baby goat)

planting a geocache on the way home.

Finally On the Move!

Posted by Tim 15 February 2010 0 comments

Well, it certainly took her long enough, but Kenzy has finally decided that walking is better than crawling. It it so much fun to see her toddle around everywhere. Enjoy!


Posted by Tim 0 comments

So, today Kenzy was playing peek-a-boo with her shirt and it was just too cute. Here it is...

Kenzy's Christmas

Posted by Tim 23 January 2010 1 comments

Here are some cute photos of our girlie this Christmas.

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Posted by Tim 0 comments

Here are some pics of the kids this Christmas!

Believe it or not this is the best of the family pics we got.

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OK, so I'm 2 months behind, but here they are finally...

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