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We left the US to live in the Middle East in 2005 with one child and 10 suitcases. We've been here for over 5 years now and we have three children, each born on a different continent!
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The Camel

Landon's 3rd Birthday!

Posted by Tim 20 September 2007 1 comments

That's right y'all... our little boy just turned the big 3!

He is getting so big! He is way tall too.

We took a trip out to a local water park aptly named, "Aqua Park". I sure hope that nobody hurt themselves thinkin' that one up.

Here are pictures from the day.

Landon loves the movie Cars so we made him Cars Cupcakes. They were straight up yummy.

Happy Birthday to you Landon! Yvonne was trying to get a different shot and a friend of ours thought that she wanted her to take the camera and shoot the video from somewhere else... haha

Chicken Panee sandwiches... mmm.

Drinking a bottle on the ground padded by a few towels.

Landon got a Cars fannypack...

... and a sweet foam sword...

Landon playing in the water with his new sword.

... and a toy phone and bubbles.


Landon and a friend from school... and her little sister.

the t-shirt says: "Warning! I am Three"

Landon's friend Lee Anna gave him some sweet Finding Nemo waterguns and some play-doh.

Birthday time number 2 with some other friends who weren't able to come to AquaPark.

Did I get it all?

if killing flies is cool... consider Josiah to be Miles Davis.

We had left a window open and there were a bunch of flies that got in. Yvonne went on a rampage massacre and nailed about 6 of them. Josiah thought it was hilarious so we taped him while Yvonne smacked the fly swatter on the ground. It achieved the same affect... apparently our son isn't so sadistic as to laugh at the needless annihilation of poor innocent flies.

Posted by Tim 0 comments

It's Ramadan time again. Here is some video of a guy that was selling instruments in the streets a few days before Ramadan started. People buy their kids Ramadan presents. This video is from the vantage point of our 6th story apartment window.

my computer was taken to the states to be repaired while some friends of ours were visiting family there. So here are some posts to play catch up...

Nothing quite as much fun as an empty box.

Mmm... foot.

We were walking down the street and Landon complained that the sun was hurting his eyes. So I gave him my sunglasses. He was pretty cute in them.

Causing trouble at the local stationary store.

Cute sleeper...

Yvonne got a few cute spidey masks so Landon likes to put it on and in a deep raspy monstery voice say, "I'm Spiderman!"

Josiah wasn't too into wearing the mask... oh well.

Zerberts all around...

Posted by Tim 03 September 2007 1 comments

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