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The Camel

good buddies...

Posted by Tim 19 July 2006 2 comments

here are some cute shots of landon and his good buddy lee anna...


hey all,

sorry for the extreme delay in posts. i am utterly ashamed.

you know how if you were supposed to call a friend and you forgot... sometimes you just postpone it further because you don't want to confront the uncomfortable situation? that is me with the blog the past few weeks.

forgiveness is what i need. NOW GIVE IT TO ME!


lemony peanut butter sandwich...

Posted by Tim 01 July 2006 1 comments

So i made some lemonade today.
at lunch time i poured my wife a glass of the lemonade. i poured myself some milk because we were eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches... and i like to dip my pb&j's in milk and eat'em like that.
she didn't realize that I had poured milk and not lemonade and so when she saw me dipping my sandwich in my milk she said, "you're dipping your sandwich in lemonade?"... to which i immediately replied, "yep... and its good too!"
she gave me this strange look and so i encouraged her to try it by saying stuff like, "don't knock it till you try it" and "just try one little corner... its not like you're going to ruin the whole sandwich!"
so she dipped her peanut butter sandwich (she's not into the jelly) into her lemonade and tried it! i started cracking up under my breath just before it hit the lemonade but she didn't notice. right after i started laughing pretty hard and she asked what was so funny... to which i told her i had milk in my glass!
har har... you gotta love that!

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