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chillin' in little america...

Posted by Tim 15 September 2006 1 comments

some friends of ours weren't able to come to landon's 2nd birthday party last week (i know, i know... i need to get some photos of that up on the blog... hold your horses!). so they wanted to take us to a nice private park to play with landon and have a picnic. this place is... i dunno... what's the word i'm searching for... oh yeah... clean! and it is also nice and quite... which is why i say it is like little america.

so my buddy and i dropped the ladies and landon off at the park to go and get the KFC or as it is called here, the 'kentacky'. we ate a nice lunch and had a great time. here are some pics and a video of landon playing on the playground.

josiah sonos...

Posted by Tim 07 September 2006 4 comments

here are the latest sonos of Josiah...

here is a side shot of the boy.

here is shot that shows a bit more of the face. you can also see his foot right up by his face to the right.

the hot water cooler...

Posted by Tim 05 September 2006 0 comments

so i guess there was a pipe issue here many years ago and because of that the building had to ditch all their in wall plumbing and most all of it is on the walls themselves. This is true of our bathrooms and all the water from the city line is on the outside of the building as well which causes the water to be rather warm hot!

many weeks ago i turned off the hot water heater in my bathroom to make sure that it wasn't hot water from the heater that was causing the problem. well as i said i knew that during the day the cold water runs hot but just discovered that because the "hot" water that should be coming from the hot water heater is just sitting in the heater and has cooled down. it is a wonderful shower temperature... cuz it's all about cool showers when its so hot and humid out there.

so it's like opposite day back in elementary day... hot is cold and cold is hot.

what has consumed me lately...

Posted by Tim 02 September 2006 2 comments

so i am creating a dvd that is about 40 minutes long that is a picture and video extravaganza of Landon's first two years of life... taking orders now!
and how much you ask would such a one-of-a-kind DVD cost?

one could argue for $99.99! but no!
not even $79.99
or... $59.99
we're crazy for offering for this little... but we'll sell it to you for...

it's not for sale.

well if you really want one let me know but you had better be really close to us... i'm talking blood or like-blood relationships... and don't be hurt when you get the "you're not close enough" excuse.

here is a little extra info for you computer people out there.unless you know something about pc computers then you won't care about this one...

so stop reading now.

stop it already! well go ahead... you know you don't listen to me.

I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0 to do his video and it is an awesome program... it is however a little bit of a memory hog. I have an HP Pavillion laptop with a AMD 4000 64-bit processor and 1GB of memory. Check out this maama-jaama in the task manager.

Nearly 540 Mb of RAM being sucked up by this program. ouch :(

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