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We left the US to live in the Middle East in 2005 with one child and 10 suitcases. We've been here for over 5 years now and we have three children, each born on a different continent!
Welcome to our Blog! This is where we try to keep everyone up to date with news, stories and pictures from our lives! More about us...


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The Camel

The Camel

some 5 month shots...

Posted by Tim 31 March 2007 1 comments

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"it's like camping!"

Posted by Tim 23 March 2007

so we were cooking a carrot cake while my mom was here... and yes... it was delicious... because all of her carrot cakes are amazing!

we put it in the oven and in order to get the temperature right, we had to prop a chair up against the oven door. this has to be done because the oven isn't exactly what we would call, "new" and the door tends to hang up just a little and let the hot air out. when my mom saw me push the chair up against the door, i explained it to her to which she exclaimed, "wow! this is fun... it's like camping!"

i jokingly thanked her for mocking our life. :)

embedding a photo album?

Posted by Tim 21 March 2007 0 comments

just trying to learn what an embedded picasa web album is... so i'm trying it... and y'all are the guinea pigs. get over it.

a post attempt message: it's not as cool as i hoped... but... i think i will use this when i update and put a new album up to call it to your attention.

Josiah's Birth

henna tattoo for mama...

Posted by Tim 19 March 2007 0 comments

my mom surprised us one day while we were out when she decided she wanted to get a henna tattoo. here is the lady designin' her up.

"I'm thumpin! That's why they call me Thumper!"

thump thump thump... wack chop chop boil chew chew yum yum.

so we went to a friend's house a while back for dinner and she cooked up 2 rabbits. i had told her that i hadn't ever eaten rabbit so she said that i must. When i saw the meat in the pot the two little rabbit heads were chillin' inside with the rest of the meat. check it out in this pic...

so then my friend suggested that we crack those little heads on open and we eat the brains. i told her that was straight up gross and then agreed to join her. haha! i 'bout tossed my cookies... seriously... here's a pic right before eatin' the brains.

Ticklefest 2k7

Posted by Tim 0 comments

We're watching LeeAnna today while her parents are packing up their place to go to a new flat.
I thought it was high time for a ticklefest.

you Texas folk are crazy generous!

Posted by Tim 17 March 2007 1 comments

Hey you Texas Folk are way generous.

We recently hads some friends visit us from Texas and they brought the mother load!

Velveeta, bacon bits, muffin mixes, craisins... and other contraban/difficult to find items.

One of those hard to find items is good clothes. Landon got some serious clothing for his 4T/5T years. Which might be when he is 3... he is 2.5 years old and he is filling out his 3T just fine!

We wanted to put this picture up here to show our thankfulness and to show the plethora of goodies our good buddies sent us.

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mama collage

Posted by Tim 11 March 2007 1 comments

my mama has been here for nearly 3 weeks. we have done sooo many things and had such a good time. here are some shots from her time with us. click on it to enlarge it and see them up close.


Some artsy pics

Posted by Tim 10 March 2007 1 comments

We got a new camera and here are some fun shots that I took the other day when we went to a park and a huge mosque with my mom...

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