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We left the US to live in the Middle East in 2005 with one child and 10 suitcases. We've been here for over 5 years now and we have three children, each born on a different continent!
Welcome to our Blog! This is where we try to keep everyone up to date with news, stories and pictures from our lives! More about us...


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The Camel

The Camel

This picture cracks me up. He has grown in his top 4 and bottom 4 teeth... after that on the bottom two molars came in... but they skipped a space so there are gaps and he looks like a little old man whose teeth are falling out.

Trunk or Treat!

Posted by Tim

What a blessing it was to get to go Trunk or Treating with Landon before we leave. Trunk or treat is an event in a parking lot where a bunch of folks decorate their trunks and have candy and we all park in the parking lot and the kids can do all their trick-or-treating safely in one spot (whew! was that a run-on sentence?). Landon was a bumble bee and he was darn cute.
Here is a better picture of the van once we had it all decked out with candy and dry-ice. The kids really got a kick out of it and we won 2nd place overall at the Trunk or Treat... it had to have been rigged if we didn't get first. I even downloaded a few songs and burnt a CD to play in the van. We had Michael Jackson's Thriller and a techno remix of Monster Mash from an album titled Rave-o-ween. I love iTunes.

meet biscuit

Posted by Tim 30 October 2005

Meet biscuit the pig. He and Landon became well aquainted today. We drove up into the Smoky mountains today through South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina and back through South Carolina to home. We met biscuit along the way. We took this trip in search of trees changing colors and fresh apples from the local orchards. We found the apples but apparently the strong winds from the last week had blown off most of the yellow/orange leaves. We saw a lot of trees that had not yet changed and a few tress with red leaves. It was a fun trip nonetheless.


Landon's 1st haircut

Posted by Tim 29 October 2005

Well... the mullet is gone.
PTL... the mullet is gone.

DC Fun Day!

Posted by Tim 28 October 2005

This is from a trip we took to DC. We had a really great time with other friends walking around our nation's capital... even though it was raining buckets on us. This was one of the drier moments. We actually had our photo taken by a photo-journalist and he said that he was going to put us in the Spanish Newspaper: El Tiempo Latino. We never did get to see if we made it in the paper. :(
Our DC day started out at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and then walked to the Washington Monument, the WW II Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial, the White House, then we took the subway to the Capital Building and then we walked to the Library of Congress. After that it was the ride home. While we were on the subway heading back to our car, I offered a local $500 if he could tell me where a Pizzeria Uno was. He didn't know... i didn't give him squat... and we still found a pizzeria uno on the way home. Life is grand.

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1st Blog for us!

Posted by Tim

Hey everyone,

this is our first blog on our blogger. We are going to have pictures and some sotries of our up here. We hope you feel connected with us through this site.

much love,

tim, yvonne and landon

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