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my little bar brawler

Posted by Tim 15 October 2006

i took landon out last night. mama needed a nap so we decided to hit the streets and run some errands. on the way back, right outside our building, i rolled my ankle. poor landon was up on my shoulders and when i went down, he went down... hard. luckily he didn't just go straight down and land on his head. i actually saw him take his fall and it was like he slid into 3rd base on his face. my heart breaks everytime i see his face... i feel like i won the worst dad of the year award. sorry buddy.

poor guy looks like he got in a bar brawl...


  1. Now Landon, if you were jealous of all the attention Lee Anna was getting with that big bump on her head, you should have just told us. You didn't need to go try to show her up like that!

    We're really sorry, buddy, and we hope your face and your dad's ankle both get better real soon.

  2. Annette Says:
  3. Poor Landon, I hope you and Daddy feel better soon. But I still think you are just the cutest little boy in the world.

    Love you,


  4. Jeremy Says:
  5. thats what im talkin about he looks like a little warrior man tim your a good dad your just making him tougher

  6. bish Says:
  7. Oh!
    You poor guys! I hate being at fault for hurting my son.

    Hope the wounds and your heart heal soon, man!

  8. rl Says:
  9. He is such a trooper!!! Tim no more putting landon on your shoulders. How is your ankle by the way?


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