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The Camel

well... comment already!

Posted by Tim 09 February 2006

okay y'all...

it has been over an entire hour and there hasn't been one comment yet. actually no one has visited in the last hour... yeah... that's right... i can see when people visit and stuff. i may not know who you are and when you're visiting but i know that people are indeed visiting. i have a counter now. i wanted to see how much time blogging was worth. according to the new handy-dandy counter 31 people have visited in the last 48 hours. that makes me happy.

hi everyone.
bye everyone.

btw... i put a *NEW* link on the right side panel so that people can request to become a member of this blog... and that my friends will give you the right... no... the privilege... to make wonderfully interesting comments about all of our experiences Just comment... i'll moderate all the comments for now :)

someone please comment about how yvonne never blogs... she needs to get off her butt and do some blogging... it is extremely lopsided at the moment with just me and stuff. and plus... she is a good writer, but i'm sure she would make some type of objection to that comment... so anyway... let's give it up and encourage her to start putting those little fingers to good use on this here keyboard.

PS... i ran a spell check on this post just now and i found it rather hilarious that the blogger based dictionary doesn't know the following words:

  • blogging
  • blog
  • blogs
one would fathom that they would have added those to thier dictionary. guess not.

1 Responses to well... comment already!

  1. Tim Says:
  2. This is a test of the commenting... now you try it!


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