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Posted by Tim 19 February 2006

okay... i love arabish... you love arabish. so for this reason i decided to make a central location for all past, current and future arabish posts. this is that spot... this is just a blog post but i will continually edit it to have a centralized link location for all my arabish!

this post will have a link to it on the right panel in between the contact us and the weekly quiz. just click the link that says arabish archives and it brings you here... on to the arabish...

Arabish strikes again... (23 Feb 2006)

  • Bat-Man Chevy
  • Spesial Dishis
new arabish and from the classic collection... (18 Feb 2006)
  • Cook Door
  • Capputchino
Arabish installment #1 (11 Feb 2006)
  • no friends
  • lowyer
  • pet waste removal services

by the way... i really really don't like the way the above links are an orangey red... after much struggle i discovered that it is something in the blogger template code that turns links that color if... and only if... the links point to any blogger post. poopoo.


  1. rachel Says:
  2. just so you know . . . the links are orange now, but earlier today they were blue, so now at least i don't think you are color blind--lol

  3. Hudson Says:
  4. Landon,
    When are you coming to see me? I have a cool jungle gym in my room we can play on. We can go snowboarding too.


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