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The Camel

swine... glorious swine!

Posted by Tim 16 December 2006

the people here just don't know what they're missing when they declare our cloved hoofed friends "unclean"

do they consider the litle piggies feeling when they say it's unclean... no!
have they ever given bacon a chance... no!
did they ever think it was wrong to recreate the childhood fairytale, "the three little pigs" to be "the three little sheep"... no! (and that's reality friend!)

it just like me and mushrooms... i always thought they were from the pits of hades. but then i gave them a chance! and now my thought is confirmed and is now reality... they are indeed from the prince of lies himself and come sprouting forth from his lair beneath the earth.

so anyway... all that to say that we decided to go on a little scavenger hunt for a pork store nearby. we called a friend and got some directions from him. we eventually found the place and bought some pork chops. as we were about to leave we saw a little sign on the cooler that said, "we have sausage with american spices" ... so we got some! yay! we came, we conquered, we bought some swine!

this morning i used the sausage to make some good ol' down home biscuits and gravy. to commorate this occasion i have decided to write a poem about them...

this morning i woke up sometime around nine...
and thought to myself, "let's start this day with some swine"
i busted it out and threw it in the pan...
and so thus started our breakfast a'la contraban.
why do some people call them unclean?
this thinking to me is just down right mean.
especially when don't know what they're missin'...
wasting so much time hatin' on pigs when they should be kissin'.
so anyway... we got the pan, the bisquick, the gravy...
and chowed them together... man it was savory!

Praise Him for Mark 7:18-19!

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1 Responses to swine... glorious swine!

  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Your friends on the hill are needing to know your needs for the next 12 months & a recent photo of your fam. I have not used a blog site before. return by e-mail would be great if possible. tried numerous times to reach you, but not blogging. hope this works.


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