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Posted by Tim 29 November 2005

well... here are the pictures from our flat... finally...

This is a pic of our family room. we rarely sit in here except when we have guests over. the couches are not quite as comfortable as say... the sidewalk. har har

Here is our Dining area... it is just to the other side (left) of the above mentioned family room.
The chairs are a little richety... but hey... it's home.

Note Landon trying to open the cabinet doors on the buffet... we keep that sucker locked because he plays in it all day long. He loves to pull out daddy's paperwork and electronic toys and toss them around.

Now... just to my back of the above photo... turn around... and you can see the hallway.
  • 1st door on right - kitchen
  • 1st door on left - TV room
  • 2nd door on right - bathroom (1/2)
  • 2nd door on left - Landon's room
  • 3rd door on right - bathroom (full)
  • straight ahead - master bedroom
Note the artistic greatness that the pictures below are layed out according to the layout of the hallway.

Here is our kitchen...
the gigantic American style fridge is to my back (it's bigger than the one we had in the states) which is very unsualy (the size) because most fridges here are rather compact. We have a ton of cabinet space, a lovely Caloric brand gas stove and oven (which I adore) and of course the George Forman grill we brought is to the right just outside the picture... too bad the base shattered. :(
Well it still works...

This is one side of our TV room. The couches look nice but yet again feel like you're sitting on a park bench. :)

We like to chill in here and watch our 1 free hour of English TV each night... well actually we are longing to do that as of late because we have our language lessons from 8-10pm and the free hour is from 8-9pm so we haven't gotten our daily dose of hedonistic US TV for nearly a week :)

The doors in the back right are to one of our three balconies. We go out there to hang up our clothes to dry :)

This is just the other side of the same room... the only reason I am including this picture is because you can see where I am sitting when I am blogging, emailing, etc.

Here is our first bathroom... nice and small. There is this little hole in the back of the toilet.. you can actually see it in the picture. If you look just inside the bowl there is a dot dead center... it is a hole to shoot water out of (there is a knob on the right side of the toilet) and you wash your bungey off with it (left hand only please).
That egg shaped lookin' thing hanging on the wall in the top right is our water heater.

Welcome to our humble commode. haha.
Just to the left of the cabinets you see under the sink is a washing machine... small but satisfying.

Here is Landon's crib... no pun intended... well yes there was! He also has a balcony... which remains locked.

Thought you might enjoy a nice pic of Landon and his train that was hauled about 6000+ miles. Luckily it was light weight or else he would playing with toy rocks.

And last but certainly not least...
the Arabic Love Chamber. Haha!


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