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We left the US to live in the Middle East in 2005 with one child and 10 suitcases. We've been here for over 5 years now and we have three children, each born on a different continent!
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The Camel

water heaters over here aren't quite like they are in the states. they are either electric or gas and either way they are mounted on the wall of a bathroom. the electric ones look like big eggs up high on the wall. they actually look pretty cool... except when they come crashing down and destroy the bidet by breaking it into a few hundred pieces.

see the carnage...

what are we teaching our kids???

Posted by Tim 24 February 2008 2 comments

so i was reading to landon last night before bed. i chose the book, "jack and the beanstalk" thinking it would be a throw-back to my childhood. it is absolutely amazing that i ended up a well-rounded law abiding adult after being exposed to such a felonious tale!

the kid is supposed to sell the cow but trades it for 5 beans... Thou shalt obey thy mother and father. STRIKE ONE
the kid climbs the beanstalk and steals a bag of gold from the giant... Thou shalt not steal. STRIKE TWO
the kid after stealing a bunch more stuff gets caught by the giant, who while in pursuit, falls victim to a dastardly act of premeditated murder! STRIKE THREE

This kid is lucky he lived in a stinkin' fairy tale or else his rear-end would have landed himself in a federal supermax prison where he woudl only see sunlight one hour a day!

and we read this filth to our kids!

We got lots more snow!

Posted by Tim 07 February 2008 2 comments

Last week... sorry for the delay... we got about 10" of snow over a 2-day period. Now being from Colorado that meant that school was still in. But this ain't Colorado y'all. Nobody here really understands how to drive in snow so all of the taxis weren't out working for nearly 3 days. On the 4th day a buddy of mine and I went out to pick up our new computers and it took 45 minutes to an hour to make a trip that normally takes about 7 minutes. The traffic was near unbearable because of snow alongside the road and scared drivers. It's all over now but Landon had some great times out in the snow building a snowman.
Yvonne and Landon made us all some snow cream... a friend of mine here couldn't believe that we ate snow but I explained to her that it was clean snow (i.e. not yellow) and we added some milk, sugar and vanilla and it was great. Here is a hilarious video of Landon talking about it.


This is one of Landon up on the radiator just amazed with all the snow that had fallen the night before.

Here are some more pics of Landon outside making a snowman. enjoy.

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