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what are we teaching our kids???

Posted by Tim 24 February 2008

so i was reading to landon last night before bed. i chose the book, "jack and the beanstalk" thinking it would be a throw-back to my childhood. it is absolutely amazing that i ended up a well-rounded law abiding adult after being exposed to such a felonious tale!

the kid is supposed to sell the cow but trades it for 5 beans... Thou shalt obey thy mother and father. STRIKE ONE
the kid climbs the beanstalk and steals a bag of gold from the giant... Thou shalt not steal. STRIKE TWO
the kid after stealing a bunch more stuff gets caught by the giant, who while in pursuit, falls victim to a dastardly act of premeditated murder! STRIKE THREE

This kid is lucky he lived in a stinkin' fairy tale or else his rear-end would have landed himself in a federal supermax prison where he woudl only see sunlight one hour a day!

and we read this filth to our kids!


  1. Matt Pierce Says:
  2. Most of the stuff read to us growing up was pretty pagan.

  3. Dustin Says:
  4. ...made me laugh.

    Would Dr. Seuss command such a reprisal??

    now, if you want to scratch your head and go "huh!" what about Grimms Fairy Tales? some of those murderous tales are still ligit in this day and age, and the teenagers wedding men twice their age: weird!

    anyways, just wanted to post to yer blog. You and the family look great .

    Be safe my man,


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