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my finger's cup ranneth over...

Posted by Tim 10 March 2008

yesterday i had to go to the police station for nearly two hours to file a formal complaint against the plumber who installed our water heater (yes... you go to the police here for that). well i'll blog that story later. after i got home, i paid my cab driver and hopped out of the taxi. i then proceeded to slam the cab door on my left index finger! it hurt so bad!

*** the story and pics that follow are not for the weak stomached folk ***

well i ran inside and ran it under some cold water which helped little. honesty i think jumping up and down and slamming my foot into the ground repeatedly helped more but the water helped too. i took a bag of peas and for a couple of hours was icing it. yvonne said i had to ice for 15 and then go without ice for 15. i couldn't do that. it was excruciating anytime i didn't have the ice on it. so anyway... to make a long story short... i called a friend and we agreed that the pain was coming from pressure built up behind the nail that couldn't escape... so i went to his house and we took a black and decker drill to my nail and drilled a hole in it to relieve the pressure. the drill was a one speed all or nothin' drill so it was going fast... can you hear the sound in your head? it was awesome! well after we broke through, my finger's cup ranneth over (if run becomes ran then runneth must become ranneth... or is there even a past tense to runneth?) and within two minutes my finger's heartbeat was not nearly as strong.
enjoy the pics below.


  1. EWWW! That's just crazy! haha! only you tim :)

  2. EWWW! That's just crazy! haha! only you tim :)

  3. You are CRAZY!!!! This sounds just like you :-)

  4. You are CRAZY!!!! This sounds just like you :-)

  5. YUCK! So sorry that happened - hope it feels better soon...

  6. oh, so just for your future knowledge... if you need to do that again, you can just heat up the tip of a needle or pin with a flame and then stick it right in to your fingernail and it does the same thing (without worrying about drilling through your finger) :)

  7. Allen Says:
  8. that is AMAZING.......

  9. Brother AL Says:
  10. that's inTENSE!!!!


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