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cute pics of the boys... lots of them...

Posted by Tim 19 June 2007

uhh... cute!

pic with his teddy bear

landon is seriously into his teddy right now. he carries him around with him. tells us that teddy is sleepy and that it's teddy's turn to throw the ball to him... which i somehow manage to make teddy do. it is really cute.

I don't know why but this picture makes me think of the guards in the wizard of oz that worked for the wicked witch.

some friends of ours had their parents bring out some cheerios for us. that is the classic baby food for beginners like josiah... and it isn't available here... at all! so thank you stubbs! the next couple pics show josiah with cheerios stuck on his face.

cute again!

landon had a lot of fun helping bathe josiah...

did we mention that this dude is cute!

landon lined up all these pillows to be comfortable on the couch... there are 7 of them there! haha


  1. Those 1st few pics of Josiah are priceless! You will need to frame them for sure. He is adorable. Landon is a cutey too - you just can't beat those 1st toothless grins. :)

  2. Those 1st few pics of Josiah are priceless! You def need to frame those. He is absolutely adorable. Landon is a cutey too - it's just hard to compete with those 1st toothless grins. :)

  3. Those are some great pics!!! Sooo cute!! I LOVE that first pic and the pic of Landon on the couch with all those pillows :) hahah! Awesome!

  4. Kristin Says:
  5. Okay, so we know you are Josiah's mother Yvonne... but that kid is totally "little Tim". :)

  6. Annette Says:
  7. You guys sure know how to make some cute babies. Landon is certainly Yvonne at that age. Sorry Tim, I didn't know you then, but I must say I believe Josiah must be yours for sure. I love you guys.



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