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the naughty chair... hilarious!

Posted by Tim 10 August 2006

so we have been watching super-nanny over here and we think it is great. she uses this technique called the naughty spot. she doesn't like sending kids to their rooms because it is where they sleep and play so they shouldn't be punished there. we agree and if spanking is needed then we use the spankula (a wooden spatula that we use for spanking) in the bathroom.

well the other day yvonne got landon some juice and some breadsticks and we told him to say thank you but he wouldn't. we don't view this as a spankula-rific offense so we instituted the naughty chair. we put him in one of our family room chairs and told him he couldn't get out of the chair until he told mommy thank you. we would talk to him often... making sure that he understood why he was being punished and told him that he needed to obey his parents and we told him all he had to do is say thank you.
well he wasn't in the mood to obey... and believe us... he understood us.

this is the beginning...

after 20 minutes...

after 45 minutes...

after 1 hour and 10 minutes...

after 1 hour and 35 minutes...

after 1 hour and 50 minutes...

after 2 hours and 5 minutes...

after 2 hours and 7 minutes the boy finally gave in. some may say that this was a bit excessive but he needs to know that we mean business from the get-go. since that day... he has said thank you right away... or said pretty much anything we want him to say... very quickly! he doesn't want to go back to the naughty chair :)

1 Responses to the naughty chair... hilarious!

  1. Jen Hagen Says:
  2. That "naughty chair" sequence is hilarious. Amazing how stubborn kids can be - you are so right though - you absolutely HAVE to win those "little" battles so that you are not fighting him on the big things later. Some may think you were excessive, but you have to ask yourself one thing as you assess their opinion - are their kids well-behaved? I know you are not looking for affirmation, but we will give it anyway - right on track in our book! Oh - and he may obey for a while on this one, but heads up - any kid that can be that stubborn (we have one too!), you are going to have many, many stand-offs like that one! :)


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