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The Camel

sorry that i don't have any bloody pictures...

Posted by Tim 10 January 2006

that is not to be read like i am british, but rather that i have no pictures with scenes of bloody goriness.

this morning i went down to the garage below our building to see if the killin' had started and it hadn't. they have to wait on butchers to come around. i guess you could compare a butcher's job to that of a US postal worker at Christmas time... they are in very very very high demand! so i went to the neighboring building who had a butcher. by the time i got to that garage they had already brought out the first little lamby and sent him to little lamby heaven. as i was arriving, they were leading in a humongous cow!

*****warning for those with weak stomachs... grossness ensues!*****
they led the cow in and took him into one of the garage ports. i think elsie knew what was coming because it got all sorts of hacked off and tried to escape. about 6-8 guys tackled her and took her down. they then got her up, calmed her down, tied her feet together, pushed her over, faced her to the east, said a little something of a prayer... and then helped her breath by making another vent closer to her lungs... i.e. slit her throat.
we did the math up... this is quite an impressive holdiday. we figure that there somewhere around 3 million sheep killed this morning in our city alone.
*****okay... the grossness has ended*****

regardless of whether or not you read the grossness part, it is at this time that i ask you to not classify the people of this area incorrectly or abruptly. the people doing this this morning were some of the nicest people around... they even gave us some lamb meat because they are so generous! those little guys ain't cheap... especially for the people here! so all i ask is that you not classify them as barbarians or inhumane, etc. unless you're a vegetarian... which i certainly am not... then we can't saw nothin' because we just let other people do the dirty work in our country :)
okay... my little diatribe on ethnocentricity is done. you can go about reading for your enjoyment.

but to tempt your imaginations here are the pictures of the little friends that bit the dust this morning... enjoy!

These are the little sheepys that were staying in our building's garage. I looked at them yesterday while our building helper (our boab) was there and talked to the sheep. I said to them "bukara... hallas!" which is translated... "tomorrow, you're finished!" He cracked up laughing and thought i was awfully cool.

bon voyage O' fecal laden friends

our "boab", insisted on bringing a sheep out so that we could take a "soora" (picture) of landon riding it. landon didn't like it too much. he was happier earlier when he didn't and we weren't trying to take a picture. this sheep was freaking out though and it probably scared landon and little. no more freaking out though as that was this sheep's last ride.

a'dieu sheepy.

Landon was much happier here... as was this sheep. the sheep was obviously in denial.

au revoir bah bah brown sheep.

Here is big honkin' water buffalo. I am sorry to say that he is no longer with us... except perhaps in the tummys and refrigerators of people here :)

Maa'salaama beefy buffacow


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