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Posted by Tim 07 December 2005

well... we have been told that we are being indoctrinated early. we have all caught some little friends called amoebas.

it's kinda different to find out about why you're sick here.

in America you...

  1. go to the doctor
  2. wait forever in the waiting room for them to call your name
  3. wait forever in the patient room for the doctor to make his way to you
  4. tell the doctor everything that is wrong with you
  5. he'll take a sample of some sort
  6. pay a co-pay and maybe a little extra for the lab work
  7. deal with insurance
  8. the doctor will have the lab pick up the samples
  9. the lab will do the work (give them a day... maybe two) for them to get back to the doctor
  10. nurse will call your house and leave a message because you weren't there because you had no way to know when they were going to be calling
  11. call the doctor back and maybe... just maybe... he'll come to the phone and explain it to you
  12. get the doctor to call in a prescription
  13. go pick up the prescription
  14. deal with insurance
in our area...
  1. nix the doctor and take your own stinking stool sample to the local medical lab
  2. pay $3.50
  3. call them 4-6 hours later and know what's going on
  4. call the pharmacy and have them deliver your prescription to your house.
why couldn't it be this easy back home?


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